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Four Corners Adventures/Wild Rivers Expeditions

We are Wild Rivers Expeditions and Four Corners Adventures. We hope you will
extend your stay and join us for a tour in the pristine Greater Canyonlands region.
There are 16 state, national, and tribal parks located within 90 miles. Don’t miss the
opportunity to connect with incredible landscapes and cultures without the crowds.
For most guests, this is the highlight of their Utah Experience.

Our most popular guided trips include:
SAN JUAN RIVER-Enjoy a full day on the river floating 26 miles from Bluff
to Mexican Hat. Th is section of the San Juan features the world renowned Butler
Wash Rock Art Panel, River House ruin, Grand Canyon like geology, and Desert
Big Horn sheep. Th e overall beauty and mild rapids create a unique experience
for all age groups that you will never forget.
ARCH CANYON 4X4-Th is expedition takes you seven miles deep into the
heart of the most spectacular red rock canyon still accessible by 4x4 vehicles.
You will be immersed in the natural desert riparian environment, majestic 800
foot walls, spires and the arches for which it was named. You will also discover
and explore ruins of the Anasazi cliff dwellings throughout your journey.
CANYONEERING-For those feeling more adventurous try
one of our favorite ways to explore the beautiful sandstone canyons
of Southern Utah. Canyoneering gives access to wondrous
slot sandstone scenery not accessible to hiking alone by using
ropes and rappelling gear to overcome natural obstacles.
ANASAZI RUINS-Take a tour into one of the most dense archeological
resources in North America that many are calling the “greatest outdoor museum”
of our time. Walk among and discover the amazing Ancestoral Puebloan (“Anasazi”)
culture via hiking or vehicle tours in the world famous Cedar Mesa. Our
guides will give you a precious look into the past while educating you about the
Native American and Pioneer cultures of the region.

Check out our website for additional 1/2 day and full
day tours and information. www.riversandruins.com